Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Is it just me...?

or does anyone else out there cry at everything?!! I will blub like a baby at adverts on TV, buskers on the street and people (strangers) meeting people at airports... everything! I think I am highly sensitive! Anyway I went to see My Sister's Keeper tonight at the cinema (good old Orange Wednesdays!!) and I pretty much cried from the opening shot right through to the closing credits! A total mess! But I guess, secretly, part of me quite likes that side of me... when I am not embarassed by it all and pretending I have something in my eye!! I think I would rather cry at everything than not cry at all but a balance in the middle might be good, no? 

Just wanted to share that with you all! Carry on!


Suvarna said...

Gosh you are sweet! Sensitive people are typically also very creative people which you definitely are.

Jac said...

I think I'm less sensitive than I used to be but I can cry easily. I guess it's just easy to be moved by some things. Funnily enough I feel most silly crying sometimes at films and yet am happy to cry at real life things!!