Saturday, 12 September 2009

Loved It

After running errands today we had some spare time and a little extra money in our pockets than we had expected and so decided to go to the cinema. We chose 500 days of summer, mostly because it meant we wouldn't have to wait hours for a showing. I didn't really know a lot about it but the man at the counter told me it was really good! And he said it had a great soundtrack. I tell you what... he was right. On both counts. I loved it. It was totally my kind of film. It was gentle yet with depth and very creative. It made me laugh out loud and bring tears to my eyes. Plus, a really lovely soundtrack! It spoke to me about the massive pros and cons of feeling life deeply, about what we miss when we are afraid of being hurt and of holding life lightly and counting the blessings in each day. I got alot from this film. I think I need to go see it again... anyone coming?!

Ps.. why can I not get my the text to align properly on this post?!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Its all there, just faint.

I don't know what it is with this blog. I really don't. I seem to carry it with me wherever I go and I am always thinking of things I want to share and photos I have to go alongside. I plan it out in my head and think... yep, that's how it shall go. But then... nothing. I don't know why there is nothing. I read and read and read other people's blogs. I love them, I breathe it all in and they inspire me no end. But still nothing. I so wanted to share about a camping trip with AJ in which we sat by the banks of the river watching the kingfishers (I saw 2 at once!!), I wanted to share about another walk on Dunwich beach, I wanted to share about a big Art Sale that my family is organising, I wanted to share about a camping trip with my mum that included a fabulous trip to Kettles Yard (an art gallery type thing) in Cambridge, I wanted to share about the builders taking the (entire) roof off our house and all its noise and dust and chaos, I wanted to share about the variety of craft projects I have been working on, I wanted to share about my trip to see close friends who have just had their first baby, I wanted to share about our frustrating car troubles, I wanted to share about some old trunks that I picked up from a car boot sale and am still pondering over, I wanted to share so many things. But... they have not come. I don't know why. Maybe its an energy level thing, maybe its a confidence thing, maybe its a time management thing, Maybe it's all of those things and more. I don't know. But I know I have wanted to. I know that in my head and in my heart this blog is updated with lots of different adventures, joys, struggles, strains and emotional rollercoasters, with thoughts and imaginings, with hope and moments of despair, with life... true life. So in this small step, perhaps I am getting there. Perhaps I shall still share all of those things. Perhaps the time has just not yet come. So I shall continue to hold it all in my head and in my heart and hope something shifts. Today I have a little spark within that tells me that it will. Yes, it will.