Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Fourth Plinth...

Ok so I just found out about Antony Gormley's Art project going on in Trafalgar Square. He is getting people to stand on a fourth plinth for an hour... doing whatever they want to do. The people are changed over on the hour every hour and it will continue for 100 days! You can check it out and watch what's going on live here: 



Jac said...

Yeah! It looks pretty cool doesn't it and you can do anything up there you want, (as long as it isn't illegal!. I really like Anthony Gormley, (of course we have the Angel of the North not too far away) and just love art but especially quirky art like this!

daniela said...

this. is. brilliant!

oh jodie, can you sign up? please?? this is such great fun....this is just the kind of thing i get hooked on. i'll be checking in all the time now! so glad you told us about this.