Tuesday, 13 October 2009

et voila...

I have a new haircut! This morning I woke up with very long hair down to my elbows and tonight I go to bed with short hair that only just touches my shoulders. Its great! I had enough of having to use half a bottle of conditioner every time I washed my hair and tired of having constant tangles and blocked plug holes. And I was just wearing it up every day because it was too much of a pain to have loose. But now.... Short, manageable hair.... with a new swishy fringe thing going on! What do you think? I think I suddenly feel more like me. Make sense?

Ps... please excuse my pouty pose!!


Debi said...

i like it
it suits you.



triplej said...

Hi Debi! Thanks for stopping by!

Suvarna said...

You look beautiful! This is a very flattering style for you, very light and fresh. Makes perfect sense.